Sunday, 12 September 2021

Rusty - photoshoot model

A few weeks ago, Rusty took part in a photo shoot for the annual Border Collie Rescue calendar. A local photographer, Melissa Pohl, volunteered her skills and time to photograph a bunch of border collie rescues for photo submissions for the calendar.

When I take selfies with Rusts, or just general photos, she will often turn her face to the side the moment I point the camera in her direction.

At this shoot... Well, this doggy acted like a seasoned model - all poses and smiles.

Melissa gave us one of the photos - her favourite - and we could choose from a selection of others to buy. I loved all the ones of Rusty for her different expressions but settled on these two.

Peeka-boo! We learned this during lockdown last year and this move has been reinforced at dog school this year. There is nothing more sweet than seeing this beautiful face looking up at me.

I put Rusty into this hammock - her first time in a hammock. And she loved it! Couldn't stop smiling. 

Melissa specialises in people + pet photography and I think I'm going to spoil myself in the next few weeks by booking a session with her to get some good photos with my special girl.

Rusty and I have been together for 4.5 years now and I love her more and more every day. She can be really silly and funny but also very smart and independent. She isn't a very cuddly dog but she is sweet and loving. She is quick to learn and is evidence that you can teach and old dog new tricks.

She has spondylosis in her lower spine and at around 10 years of age we are at the point where I can't take her on long (distance or time) outings because she does get stiff (and probably sore) in the evening. I've got anti-inflammatories for her but the stiffness really is a sign that her activities have to be limited to those that are kindest to her mature body.

Rusty rescued me and is the shining-east light in my life and heart. I am so thankful that this dog came into my life and I treasure every day. The best thing about waking up each morning is opening my eyes and she is the first thing that I see, cuddled up in her bed near me. Blessed. I am. 

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