Wednesday, 12 January 2022

New DIY woodwork fun

A few months ago, we built a shop counter from pallets. It was my first experience building something in this way. It was also my introduction to using an electric planer to smooth the rough pallet planks. And I enjoyed the opportunity to drill pilot holes and bracket screws.

I see that I haven't got a photo on my phone of our finished counter. It looks really awesome. 

While not rocket science, it really helps to be shown the basics of wood working. 

This project created an itch. For more.

For Xmas, I got a jigsaw to go with the driver drill that I bought on special a year ago. 

My first project was to be a headboard but instead this weekend I made smaller-size trestle table legs, which are for chalkboard signs that will go on the pavement outside the kayak shop at the factory.

I made the first legs based on a set that I have at home. I watched a DIY YouTube video before making the second one and learned an improved technique to attach the hinges. 

The first of two.

I so enjoyed cutting the pallet planks to size, sanding them down and using my drill. I have three projects in mind that I aim to get to over the next 2 to 4 weeks. 

I find it incredibly rewarding to use electric tools, to work with the wood and to create something useful. 

Armed with a drill and a jigsaw, I can create almost anything. 

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