Wednesday, 5 January 2022

The books that I read in 2021

I had a pretty good year on the reading front. My reading was primarily fiction, as it usually is, but with some excellent non-fiction in between. There were a number of books (not shown here) that I started, gave a good go but then didn't finish. I'm thankful that a friend keeps me well stocked with digital ebooks so I can pick and choose. Most are right up my alley for a fiction escape in the crime genre.

I got through more audio books this year than I expected. I enjoy listening to audio books while driving longer-distance trips, cooking or doing other tasks with my hands where I have capacity to listen. While many of the audiobooks were the usual 10-14 hours in duration, I am really enjoying the punchy 2-4 hour short stories.


I can recommend that you give these a read. 

  • Run and Go Far because they are inspiring and motivating. You can read the reviews that I wrote on Erica's Run and Jennifer's Go Far. I am very proud to know these two strong, smart, kind, athletic and accomplished women.
  • Entangled Life (about fungi) because it is unbelievably interesting, 
  • The Midnight Library because it stimulates thought about your own life and choices.
  • Becoming because it is a good read and also insightful.
  • Troubled Blood because it is brilliant fiction. The story is superb, the main characters are awesome and the narrator is seriously talented (he narrates all the Robert Galbraith audiobooks). I've read or listened too all the Robert Galbraith books - love 'em - and always look forward to the next one. If you've never read a Robert Galbraith, start with the first one and work your way through the series.

Always a win with Jo Nesbo. I can't remember the stories of these others but I do recall that I thoroughly enjoyed them.

I've read a bunch of Fredrik Backman. Always good. 
The Woman in the Window - a bit in to the book I realised that I'd read it before. Well, I read it again.
This Wilbur Smith - my first ever Wilbur Smith! He crafts a really good story. I read it early in the year prior to Wilbur's passing. 

The Beekeeper of Aleppo is higher in the literature heirachy than the rest here. A good story, strong characters and lots of thought into the lives and situations of others. It is a fiction story but could read like a real experience. Good review here in the Irish Times. 
I've read or listened to a lot of Jo Nesbo's books over the years. I feel like I know his flawed detective, Harry Hole.

The Little People was a quirky, creative short story and a good listen.

The Printed Letter Bookshop was probably my favourite in this pick just because it was a sweet, people story.

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