Tuesday, 21 June 2011

35 Days of Running - DONE!

This afternoon I wrapped up my '35 Days of Running' adventure with a little six kilometre run, on legs that were a bit tired from yesterday's orienteering event.

To give you some numbers:
Week 1: 42.3km
Week 2: 42.7km
Week 3: 50.5km
Week 4: 46.7km
Week 5: 43.6km
TOTAL: 225.8km

Average of 6.4km/day.

In total I logged just over 28 hours on my feet (add in my other sports - specifically pole and yoga over these five weeks - and you get 41.5hrs of exercise in these five weeks).

Of the 35 runs:

  • 5 were orienteering events
  • 4 were long walks with my mom
  • 2 were run with friends
  • 24 were run on my own, from home
  • 6 runs were between 4-5km in distance

There were definitely three and certainly five days in the 35 where I found it really hard to get out there. But once out, it wasn't that bad and I enjoyed my runs.

This challenge has been a good and important one for me. Aside from building on my inconsistent foundation, this challenge was very much about focusing on me; on making time for me and something that I love and that is important to me and not to always push me-things aside for other-people-things.

Finding 30-minutes for a 5-6km run is not impossible; most of the time it isn't really that difficult. I will add that during winter it does help that, being freelance and working mostly from home, I could take advantage of warmer afternoons on those wickedly chilly days to go for a run; this would have been much, much harder if I was tied to only mornings or after-work sessions.

As to how I'm feeling after these 35 consecutive runs... About two weeks ago I was feeling a bit tired for a few days, but this was post blood donation so probably more that than the running. I didn't push any of the days, sticking with runs that were usually six to eight kays in distance with one 10km each week. Today my legs were tight after yesterday's orienteering champs event but after 20 minutes they were feeling much better.

I'm certainly a bit leaner. My body responds quickly to my dominant discipline; like last year my arms and shoulders were way bigger from all the paddling and yoga has certainly built my core.

Overall I'm feeling fitter and healthier and disciplined and content. I'm going to use this base in both running fitness and personal discipline to incorporate some hill and speed sessions plus a longer distance (15-21km) once a week; I'm definitely not feeling fast (steady 5-6km/hr depending on gradient) and do need to pick up speed.

Now you're asking, "What happens on Day 36?". Well, I'm not sure yet. Maybe a run? Maybe a self-practise yoga session? I'm a bit addicted to drawing in my running tracks so going for a day without a colourful track... And since I've done 35, how about 36 and 37 and 38?

And, as Clive says, is any reason not to run good enough? It usually isn't.


Anonymous said...

Well done! On me things - very few know about the Value of Selfishness. Glad you found it!

Anonymous said...

Well done on your achievement and a great blog Lisa. Keep up that running, and feel free to drop me a line to help out on the training, and possible session to up the speed. Ryan H (AR Ryan:-)