Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The challenge of yoga

Although my Ashtanga progress has been pretty good, after six months of one or two classes a week, I'm not even at the first of these four most difficult of the Ashtanga Primary Series moves; just forget the last one - that's ridiculous. I'm not even getting the first right.

It is really, really difficult to get your thighs on to your upper arms and then to balance on your hands and get your feet off the ground. That's what I'm working on... just the first part.

What is really cool about this video is Maria's unbelievable display of balance, strength and grace - she makes this look doable. It isn't (for most people!). Just try the thing where she jumps her feet forward, from downward dog, next to her hands ("Jump the feet lightly around the hands," says the narrator)... Superb balance and amazing strength. Wow!

This video has big-time aspirational value. Whether I'll ever be able to do these moves in my lifetime, I don't know; but I can certainly try.

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