Sunday, 10 July 2011

O at Stirrup Glen

I had a bit of an odd orienteering day today. I describe it as a trip-trap event where I'm not racing but instead I'm enjoying the run, the area and the navigation.

Navigationally, my run today was mostly solid. A few little oddities here and there, like in the quarry.

Coming to Control #13, I had a good line approaching from the South - the less steep part and avoiding the loose piles of broken slate (all over this place; big mounds marked by the blue-grey splashes). When I entered the first quarry (top), I made a beeline for a nice entrance into the next but then realised, when I could see over the wall (over 3m steep in places; or more) that I was one quarry too soon. So, I got into the right quarry and took a while to figure out the vegetation. There are not bands of trees - there are trees all over.

I got near the control, which was marked at the foot of the wall, but uncertain as to where I actually was, I got on top of the wall, taking my position from the road. I tracked back on top of the wall and dropped down on to the control before climbing out again on my way to 14.

After running down the road you'll see where I was a bit indecisive. I initially thought I'd run along the quarry wall (see brown contour lines with 'eyelashes' indicating downhill). Tania also considered this option and it didn't work for her either. Trees all over. Then, since in past years I've been along the road below, I thought I'd have a bit more of an adventure and take the south-west road. Well, pretty much where my track has a little red dot (that's me stopping), there was no more road... so I turned around and took the road (bottom right corner).

Here's an interesting one - from 11 to 12...

12 was marked as a significant tree. The track from 11 to 12 wasn't completely defined, but it wasn't totally clear and straight either. I reached the clearing and thought that I saw the significant tree. Didn't spot the control so I thought that I had it wrong. I continued to the junction and then headed into the clearing where I saw the control. I had actually been in the right clearing and on my second shot I saw the same tree; only the control was tied to a broken branch or stump or such nearby and wasn't at the base of that tree. Then again, the green X is for a stump and not a standing tree (green circle outline). Doh! It pays to read the symbols properly.

That was about it for funnies. A little hesitant on some of the controls in my approach but no hunting today and just a nice, chilled morning out in the brisk air.

I took my Hi-Tec Infinity shoes out to the O. They're strictly not really made for this type of off-road, off-path running. They did pretty well and made it through unscathed, despite some rocky sections. I'm settling into them a bit better and gaining a little more confidence in them over gnarly terrain.

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