Friday, 2 December 2011

Getting more awesome

As you know, FEAT Canada took place in Vancouver on 15 November. One of the speakers, Jen Olsen, is a mountain guide - one of only seven female internationally certified mountain guides in the World.

Her FEAT talk is online and in her talk she mentions facing her 40th birthday in a few weeks and she adds, "I've been feeling devastated about not having a husband, kids or a pension plan".

She then refers to a quote she saw on Facebook that goes: "Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant... I'm just getting more awesome."

Right on, Jen. I can relate (not about being devastated about not having a husband or children, but that there's a spate of marriages and pregnancies).

Here's to awesomeness!

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Andrew said...

And the benefits.

Who know what researches do and what they come up with.