Thursday, 15 December 2011

Muizenberg trail race

Goodness, I have still needed to post my pics from Saturday's trail run on the mountain above Muizenberg. It was a First Ascent Trail Run organised by my friend, Ugene Nel. The week before I headed down to CT Ugene gave me a buzz to say that he'd heard that I would be in CT and he asked what was I doing on Saturday morning. Well, I roped in Heather and Michael and off we went to Ugene's event.

With Michael and Heather before the start - yes, check out that blue sky in the background ;)
Blessed with good weather, it was the most perfect morning. Race distance was listed at 12km - could have been longer? From the Westlake Arms we walked up the hill, on to Boyes Drive, for the start location - at the Silvermine trailhead. Lots of people! What really worked well was that we were set off in batches - there were 10 start groups with up to 20 runners in each group. We would start in Group 9.

The route started at the bottom of a hill so it was a beeegggg climb up, up, up. Heather and Michael are mountain goats so I took it in my stride - nice and chilled, breathing steady and pace regular.

Looking down on the first ascent - not even at the top yet! We came down this at the end.
As soon as I crested the ridge - stunning! And the trails... smooth, secure footing, fast. I'd caught a couple of people on the climb and even more on the 'runnable' section. I felt like an F1 car.

Lovely, lovely running!
Not a soul around. Heading for Bailey's Corner (in the background is the sea)
The next exciting part of the trail was when we came around what I believe is called 'Bailey's Corner' where you can see Muizenberg's beach. Not a great angle for a photo - almost looking into the sun - but very pleasing for eyeballs.

And then, we went up - again. Big up.

A section of step-step-step rocks going up-up-up.
And then, at the top!

At the top - a bit before the descent.
I saw Ugene just before this last bit of the climb and he chirped something to the effect of, "Looks like you're on holiday," in response to my steady uphill trekking style. Hahaha. I ran a 2:20 and placed 19th lady (of 41). Lekker. Makes me think I should have run more. Oh well. What a lovely morning it was.
L-39s doing a formation display
And then, later in the afternoon back at M&H's place, which is near the Ysterplat airforce base, I was treated to some of the airshow. Late in the afternoon the jets came out. There were three L-39s and then a Hawk. I thought these were cool. But these two sub-sonic training jets paled in comparison to the Gripen. The roar of the engine as he flew past the apartment (7th floor, corner unit facing the base) - oh my goodness! I want one for xmas! The thundering engines - deep into your core. Love it!

This fabulous day wrapped up with watching my cousin play at The Assembly in town. His band - The Roland Albertson Band - sounded fantastic. Excellent sound at the venue and good lighting made for a superb night. (you can download and listen to tracks from the link above)

I thought this one may have been of the Gripen, but it seems to be the Hawk.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Lisa, your last photo is a Hawk, not a Gripen. :)

But, yes, the fly pasts were incredible!


adventurelisa said...

Ah... well spotted Colin. Mmm... I must have missed the Gripen. Thought I got a pic of it. Doh!