Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Can you climb a tree in it?

Over a couple of years I have developed a clothing maxim - but it was only today I arrived at the sentence that defines it: "Can you climb a tree in it?".

I'm not good at restrictive clothing. I like to have a full range of motion from all my clothing, whether sports, casual or smart. If I can't lift up an arm properly in a shirt or am unable take a big step up in a pair of pants, then the item won't be purchased. And, if I do - because I've failed to follow my own guidelines - then, inevitably, I'll rarely wear it.

Part of the problem is fabric - I like a bit of stretch - and the other is cut.

Stretch fabric (like elastane / lycra and such) is the best fibre invention ever and not just for skin-tight garments.

As for cut... I realise how damn-near-impossible it is to design and produce clothing that is a reasonable fit for the majority of the population. Afterall, we've got such different shapes and preferences so it is a hit-and-miss.

As a sporty girl I maybe have more difficulty than the general sedentary population to find clothes that fit properly? and even more so because I like clothes in which I can climb a tree (this post is about whether you can climb a tree in what you wear and gives no consideration to whether you'll flash your knickers or not so skirts are also included in my consideration).

For example - I haven't been able to wear a proper shirt for years. Darts are very rarely added to the back of women's shirts. If I stand with my arms at my sides the shirt fits fine but if I reach for anything I feel like The Incredible Hulk undergoing transformation from man to green dude. The back pulls, the sleeves ride up... two little darts would go a long way to improving the fit.

And jeans and pants... oh dear! I don't like my jeans so high that they're under my armpits nor so low that I dare not sit down. My BIG gripe is that the length from the crotch seam to below your belly button should be shorter than the length from the crotch seam to the back of your pants, over your bottom. Very common problem. Goodness, where did those designers go to college?

My statement-by-which-all-clothing-must-be-considered is really useful to determine yes-and-no garment selections. All I've got to ask myself as I jump around in the change room is, "Can I climb a tree in it?". So simple really ;)

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seanverret said...

Oh my god! What a great phrase. Tanya and I were just talking the other day about the clothes we've bought and wear and how they should suit OUR lifestyle versus what society dictates we should wear... Fabulous!