Friday, 3 February 2012

Career counselling with AdventureLisa

I recently connected with an old friend from varsity/underwater hockey days. He's been in computers/programming/IT for at least two decades - like back when he had to build his own computers and Windows 3.1 hadn't been launched.

He tells of his complete change in career direction - into green plumbing and energy management plus a few extras. He's busy with courses and certifications. He adds, "Not sure where this is headed but sure is a lot more fun than sitting in front of a computer".

I'm so with him! The way that my work has evolved means that I do 99% of stuff on my computer. Emails, writing articles/releases, communicating, websites, graphic design, organising... everything on this machine. Even social and play elements - writing blogs, drawing maps, catching up with friends. Indeed, many days I'm on it for more than 13 hours a day! That's just silly, but has to be done (this is another reason why I took up crochet - to keep me off this computer).

If I was a career counsellor I'd focus on lifestyle ambitions not only aptitudepersonalityinterests and skills. Sadly, a teenager doesn't yet know what kind of work lifestyle they'd like and too many are pushed into traditionally respectable tertiary studies. I'm all for practical jobs that draw on a little bit of this and a little bit of that and not just 90-100% sit-on-your-butt-looking-at-a-screen careers.

Not always easy to make big changes and probably risky in the beginning but a great thing to do. Start re-skilling now through part-time courses and studies so when you've had enough of sitting behind a computer you're equipped to make that jump (and please encourage your children to keep a foot on both sides of the doorway by developing practical, manual skills as well as computer prowess).

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