Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Technology vs design

I recently got to try some new sports tops - for release in the US Spring 2013. Can't say much more than this. These garments have new technologies that increase wicking and drying for better moisture management and cooling.

What I did realise is that unless you're in a controlled environment, like on a treadmill in a weather chamber with controlled temperature and humidity, it really is hard to tell whether one fabric dries and cools better than another. Say I run in one top today and another tomorrow, the conditions could be quite different; even if I wear garments an hour apart the conditions are different and I am different in my exercise response.

Another thing that was very much on my mind is design. You can have the fanciest fabric technology in the world but if I don't like the feel or weight of the fabric and if I don't like the colour or design of the garment, I won't buy it. I actually won't even wear it after the first time even if given to me.

In July last year I had a rant about women's sports clothing and this post is in a similar vein. I am tired of wearing slightly tailored men's garments. I am not a guy!

I want pretty; I want sexy; I want to take my running top out of my cupboard and feel delighted to be putting it on; and I want to go out for a run thinking, 'Geez, I look good in this'. When you feel good, you run good. Easy.

It seems a hard task for designers to get right. Skimpy doesn't equal pretty/sexy either.

A bit of pretty detail, a flattering neckline, sleeves (sun protection), not too body hugging... can't be that hard eh?

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seanverret said...

Send the clothes to me Lisa. Some people say I have a girlish figure... Just kidding! My wife will love this post!