Monday, 16 April 2012

Bringing colour to autumn

I haven't done much crochet the past month or so - having been away. Over the past two weeks I've put in a couple of nights to try something new -  a sleeveless vest for a baby. The demo one I made first came out well but I wanted nicer colours and yarn. At least I got a feel for the sizing. This vest is for a friend's baby-to-be (baby shower coming up this weekend). It is probably sized to fit a 4-6 month old so it will be perfect for summer later in the year (baby due in June).

I went with a local natural yarn that is 70% cotton and 30% bamboo. It has a lovely silkiness to it (from the bamboo) but is lighter in weight overall than 100% bamboo.

I'm still working on this blanket. It has four different square sizes in five different patterns and colours. It's a combination of a few things that I've seen and liked on the web. But, I swear that my next blanket will have squares of a single colour and not this multi-coloured nonsense that has me spending more time sewing in ends than actually crocheting! Still, it looks pretty-pretty and will be lovely once done. Still a good few months to go for this one.

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