Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Metrogaine Jo'burg tonight

I'm sooooo excited for Metrogaine Jo'burg tonight. I think this is the most excited that I've been and it is probably because I ran the course, with Fred, on Monday morning (what a glorious morning it was with crystal clear skies and a fresh breeze).

We ran 10.3km in 1h21 of running (came in with a good nine minutes to spare) and in this time we only collected 51.5% of the total available points - and this from 50% of the available controls.

I've got my eye on a number of entrants who can navigate well and they're faster runners than me and Fred - so they should beat us. I look forward to seeing their routes.

I'm also super excited about the treat that I ordered for the entrants at the finish. Last year I baked cupcakes and while this is fabulous and doable for 60 or 100 runners, it is just too much for me and my normal-sized oven to handle for 230 entrants. So, I have a just-as-special treat for you instead.

Tomorrow I'll post some pics and my customary post-event report. For now, I've got to finish folding and labelling clue sheets...

Metrogaine Jo'burg got the nod from Runner's World SA in their April 2012 issue as the event to do this month in the 'Adventure Racing' category. After tonight it will be the favourite-favourite of every participant ;) RW (Lisa), thank you for the vote of confidence.

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