Thursday, 6 September 2012

Forests, running, orienteering, planning

I'm off tomorrow morning and heading North (and then East) for the Haenertsberg area. My club, Adventure Racing Club, is planning SA Orienteering Champs, which happens in two weeks (22-24 September).

This weekend I'll be playing with Garry, Stijn and Brian as we work through the mapped areas - brand new maps (we're hoping to see them for the first time tonight!) - checking suitable control locations.

I'm planning the Long Course. This is my first time planning courses for O events; and SA Champs at that! I chose to plan Long because it is my favourite of all courses to run. I'm hoping to plan a fabulous course that I'd enjoy. I am hoping to run it during SA Champs, but it will obviously be non-competitive as I'll know where all of the controls are located! But I won't get to do the course until Champs as the control locations will only be finalised next week, on computer and from home.

Summer rains hit Jo'burg yesterday and today. As rain comes up from the escarpment I may be presented with the opportunity to wear my waterproof gear. I am hoping not!

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