Tuesday, 25 September 2012

They're growing! Day 11 since planting

The seeds I planted 11 days ago are germinating! I got back this morning from an excellent weekend in Haenertsburg for the SA Orienteering Champs, which my club was organising. I had an excellent planning and organising team with Garry, Stijn and Brian and the three days of orienteering went fabulously smoothly.

I'll aim to write tomorrow to tell you about a 9-year old girl who nearly ran me off my feet... and the wonderful pleasure of shadowing young 'uns - my first time and definitely not my last.

I've got a bunch of itchy tick bites from the weekend - from marching through the forests putting out dozens of controls. I heard that Nic got a dash of tick-bite fever after making the maps. Well, with an incubation period of 5 to 7 days it would be really bad timing if it zaps me next week, which is FEAT week - in 9 sleeps and counting. Considering I've been bitten plenty by these little guys over the past decade - most notably in Northern KZN - I'm really hoping that I'm past getting it.

On greener topics... This afternoon was 11 days since planting and the two sunflower varieties are definitely the early risers with almost all of the seeds planted looking like they're coming up. I also spotted the tiny green leaves from a butter lettuce and a spinach plant.

In my planting tray the seeds are doing pretty well too. The tray is two days behind yet I can see the sunflower seedlings starting to poke through. The big treat with this whole adventure is the pleasure in checking every day to see which of the seeds planted are coming to the party.

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