Thursday, 13 December 2012

A year of crochet projects

I've recently wrapped up a couple of crochet projects... and I'm almost ready to start on some new ones.

It's amazing how many hours disappear into creating items - and I've put in a ton of them this year. I usually get to work on my projects at night while watching telly or a DVD. For sure, I don't get to see much on the screen - it's more like listening to an audio book. hahahaha.

I started a Ravelry page earlier this year. It's an online resource for knitting and crochet where people share patterns and creations and items made from the same pattern are connected. I knew about the site for a while from searching for patterns and ideas but it was only when I met another crochet fan at a yarn shop that I set my profile up. One of the first things she asked me was, "Are you on Ravelry?". It's like Facebook for knitting and crochet. Sharing is caring.

The best thing about my Ravelry page is that I can put all my projects there. WIPs (Work In Progress) and completed items. For the WIPs you can edit a 'completed' percentage as you progress and it is quite satisfying to move the slider from 15% to 35% to 50% to 75% to 100% - DONE!

You can also put in a start and finish date; it is a super indication of where my time has disappeared to. I'm always busy with stuff, my hands are always working but because I give away most of what I make the items are not here and visible symbols of time spent.

Here are a bunch of things I've made this year.

In February I completed a very special blanket for a very special friend. I've still got it. Waiting for a few things to happen before I hand it over. I started it in late-September last year.

Rafia from the hardware store - turned into an egg basket (this is in use in my kitchen)
Heart keyrings for the girls in my pole dance class for Valentine's Day
A sleeveless baby vest for Lizelle's baby boy.
16 beanies for my winter beanie bombing project
Handwarmers for Lauren's birthday - her office is freezing!
A scarf for my dad's birthday - with long-ways stripes.
Waves beanie for my surfer friend Charlie.

Multi-colour, multi-square blanket. Started in Dec last year and completed in September. If I decide to make something stupid like this again, stop me please! Changing colours every 'row' and sewing in the ends is not a picnic. Looks pretty though. I've kept this one as my 'summer napping blanket'.
Toddler-sized ripple blankets. The grey yarn (lovely and soft) was donated to me by Kyle's mom. These are for the children's home where my cousin volunteers. I made two blankets for them last year. 
Newsboy-style beanies for some little girls. I only know the one girl - the green one with the beige flower (top left) is for her. The girls are between 10-11 yrs and one is 4yrs old. I finished the last one (purple flower) last night. This has been a tough project because I've had to size them from dimensions I found on the web and without a head to test them on (too small for me) there has been A LOT of pulling out and starting over... 
I've decided that I'm not very good at crocheting on request. I'm far more inspired when I know people and am creating something especially for them.

On my list of new projects are:

  • A tea cosy for a tea-drinking friend
  • Another blankie - but this one with single-colour squares of different texture
  • I'm keen to try my hand at crochet 'lace'. Small hook, fine cotton tread and delicate motifs
Colour, colour, colour!

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Lobby said...

These are all lovely L, a lady of many talents for sure :)