Monday, 16 July 2012

Beanie bombing

This winter chill made for perfect timing for our beanie bombing outing to happen this morning. As of this morning I was armed with 17 beanies. There are 16 in the pic below - plus one of Kyle's in the pic too (our first ones we made). I finished my 17th last night. I also packed in some other odds and ends - like some odd knitted strips my mom made last year which I turned into neckwarmers. Kyle brought a bunch of beanies with him that we bombed too.

Venue selected was Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, Jo'burg. There are these lovely wooden head sculptures that we thought would be perfect for the beanies and that there would be sufficient foot traffic that the beanies would be quickly picked up. We were right. I don't think the beanies stayed there for longer than 15 minutes!

While I was bombing, Kyle was clicking photos.
I'm probably up for this again next year so if you've got unused and left over yarn lying around, please send it my way and I'll turn it into something wearable. If you can knit/crochet - even better. Whip up some beanies over the next 11 months and then send them to me to add to the bombing collection. Colours, colours and more colours. Nice.

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Lobby said...

Lovely idea L, well done, lots of warmer heads out there coz of your generosity :)