Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pretty Run Wraps

I’ve always thought that running skorts are too cute – but they’re often too short and I don’t like those inbuilt shorts or undies. My skilled and talented mom has come up with this fabulous ‘Run Wrap‘, which evolved from me wanting a sweet running skirt and her friends wanting something they can wrap over gym pants to cover their bottoms: perfect for going in and out of the gym and also for popping into the shops after an exercise session.

I wear my skirt over lycra shorts or 3/4 leggings and I just tuck it into the waist band. Easy.

The fabric is light and great for runs or walks. This fabric, which is 96% bamboo and 4% elastin (for stretch), drapes beautifully and makes a convenient and pretty cover-up.

These skirts are available in Dove Grey with feature stitching in pink or lime.

This skirt is most suitable for 34-36 size - I don't believe in one-size-fits-all - because it doesn't! We will be scaling the pattern for smaller and larger sizes.
Price: R285.00
Postage and packaging (once the postal strike is over!) is R30. I will hand-deliver to events that I'm attending.
If you'd like one, please contact Liz at

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