Thursday, 11 July 2013

Back to Circuito Chico - to run the trails!

The weather had been overcast and drizzly for a few days - since Sunday-ish. So, when I was done with class yesterday and saw sun coming through the window... Yeah, that's right, I was outta there! I've been wanting to run the trails in the forest since I first spotted them. No time like the present to do 'em!

I took the bus through to Llao Llao (25km out of town) on the Circuito Chico route, which I ran the weekend before last.

My route, in yellow, starting from the green X and moving clockwise - first into the Bosque Arrayanes.
About 1.5km outside of town, on the route, is an information little-wooden-house-thing on the road side, at the entrance to the first trailhead. It's a short 2.8km trail that includes a small forest of Arrayanes trees - nothing like the forest of these trees on the peninsula near Villa La Angostura, but nice nonetheless. Except for this little gathering of Arrayanes trees in a small area, the rest of the forest has 'normal' trees.

Trying to show you this kind of 'tunnel-effect' on much of the trail - this area in particular. Most of the trails are quite wide and open.
Next point along the route was the view point of the Moreno Lake, looking out across the water. Approaching I saw these rocks - there was also a snowy mountain just visible in the background...

Up and over and...


I found two people here - took a photo for them. They took a photo for me.
And off I went again... but not before taking this panoramic photie to show you... Yes, it really does look like this here! A beautiful day too with little wind and blue sky in patches.

Then I wrapped up this section of trail, crossed the road and got onto the next section, which seems less used but even more fabulous.

When it comes to birds (and trees and plants and flowers), I'm a shocker. Saw a few of these sweet little birdies fluttering around me. Snapped a pic for my dad to give it a go identifying this little guy's family. I've seen condors up in the mountains - just beautiful - and all around town there are these hawk-like birds. Definitely a bird-of-prey of some kind - hawk / kite or such like. I have no idea and haven't been able to get a photo.
A feature on this section of trail is this Roman Bridge. Nah, the Roman's weren't here - the style of. The National Parks here commissioned its construction in 1937 - inspired by Roman bridge design.

And then I spotted this open 'glade / meadow' - only it isn't really either of these.

And what did I find? Apples! And lots of rose hip bushes. They're all over but lots here. Rose hips are turned into a rosa mosqueta jam (we have it here in the hostel at breakfast) and also rose hip oils, teas and such.

Now off to the Tacul viewpoint (mirador)
Schweet... weather coming in. Clouds in the distance and the wind picking up.
Then, up, up, up to Cerrito Llao Llao...

It was chilly up on top of Cerrito Llao Llao - light drizzle and stronger wind blowing. Good to descend and to get back on the trail towards Llao Llao.

My timing was pretty good too. I ran a few kays out of town, towards Bariloche. I saw a bus heading towards Llao Llao so knew I had at least 20 minutes to get to the next bus stop. I made it two stops along and didn't have to wait for much more than five minutes for the bus. A great afternoon!

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