Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I had my very ever first ski experience today when I went for a cross-country ski lesson. Let's just say that it's like I was born with skis on the end of my legs.

In my super-fabulous Columbia ski jacket. This jacket is incredible! Waterproof, windproof, warm, snug, great fit, awesome for activities... super wow!

Oddly, I've never had very much interest in downhill skiing. Sure, it looks awesome, it has got to be fun and I love watching crazy ski antics on the Banff Mountain Film Festival movies. BUT, I've always felt an affinity for cross-country skiing - being able to go from one place to another. Up and down and over and around. As a runner, it makes sense to me. And, I have this affinity for adventurer Fritjof Nansen, who also started out in zoology but ended up as an adventurer, cross-country ski pioneer, polar explorer and Nobel Peace Prize winner... (Roland Huntford's book "Nansen" is a super read).

I really enjoyed my session this afternoon ;)

Friends in snowy places, I need to come visit you in winter so that I can join you for lots and lots and lots of cross-country skiing!

We've had quite a bit of snow coming down the past few days - on the mountains. I'm hoping to get back to ski again in the next few days (weather permitting). They've got a 2km loop that I can play on (around and around and around) - I can see timed splits happening here. My ski instructor, Valerye (a Russian chap) says there is also a 3km loop that is more difficult (more up!). Sign me up dude! He says I'm very good for a first timer (not even a wobble at first and off like a greyhound!) and technically I'm spot-on. Obviously fitness / strength isn't a problem. Whoop-whoop ;)

With Ella. She has been in my Spanish class this week. She skis (downhill) but this was her first time going cross-country style (different skis, technique etc).

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Staci said...

Great first picture of you! Looks like you're having a blast.