Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Veggie garden planning time

Although my first veggie garden did reasonably well last year, most plants went in a little late. And then there was the violation-by-birds incident, which set the schedule back even further. This year, I'm getting a jump on things and on Sunday I got my main bed prepped and put seeds into trays.

I've got three trays on the go with a variety of seeds; from cherry tomatoes (four varieties) to peas and companion flowers.
I've also started to create my new anti-bird-and-insect structure, which is an improvement on what I set up last year. The hoops are in - just need to get the right netting during this week.

On Saturday I'm collecting some heirloom seeds that I ordered from Livingseeds. I had so much success with eggplants last year that I've ordered a different variety as well as an interesting looking beetroot variety and, the one I'm most excited about, seeds for the Atlantic Giant pumpkin.

The Atlantic Giant is one of those super-size veggies and Livingseeds has a giant pumpkin competition that I plan on entering this year.

I should be able to start planting my seedlings in about three weeks.


Staci said...

I can't wait to see the size of your pumpkin and then what you cook with it. Any good at pumpkin pie?

adventurelisa said...

Staci, I can see the first of my Giant Pumpkin seedlings starting to peek through the soil in the seedling tray - the others should appear soon. Sooo exciting!
Not wanting to count my pumpkins before they grow, I'll wait on searching the internet for pumpkin recipes BUT, should I get some nice big pumpkins, I'll definitely be handing them out to people to make delicious dishes. Nice idea to have a pumpkin party where are dishes contain pumpkin... ;)