Thursday, 29 August 2013

A sense and scent of Spring

Running through my 'hood, I'm seeing the signs of Spring. Some trees got ahead of themselves a few weeks ago and now others are getting with the programme. I snuck out for a quick half-hour run at lunch time today, taking pics of some spring loveliness. In not long now the grass in the park will turn green again and the trees will be fully robed in their leafy gowns.

The most glorious bank of jasmine. Actually, there are two or three big bushes, all outside this one house. The perfume in the evenings, like it was last night - magnificent!
Fresh young leaves and buds on the Weeping Willows. I love it when the hanging twigs get that green sheen. Hard to photograph in the breeze. The poplars are becoming tinged with green too. 
Ah... blossoms. So pretty!
More blossoms. Oh my heart!
My favourite shade of green - 'new leaf'. It pleases my eyes and heart.

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