Sunday, 4 August 2013

Gettin' out for some O

On Saturday my club hosted an orienteering event at Waterstone College, a high school in the South of Jo'burg (Kliprivier / Walkerville). Brian did the course planning with Garry controlling and a bunch of other wonderful club members - Stijn, Cindy and Cobus plus Oli (kidnapped by Stijn from Cape Town) - helping out. This event was originally planned for late-April, but we got rained out. Yesterday we had more than perfect winter weather - yes, tees and shorts for running.

The turnout was superb, especially with the addition of a birthday party. A young teen from the school decided to use this event for her birthday party and so we had a bunch of teens taking part - and many of their parents too. We also had a few Saturday-only people - those unable to make Sunday events because of other commitments. The Gauteng Orienteering Clubs will look at scheduling some events next year on Saturdays to accommodate a whole new avenue of orienteers.

And I got to run too! I don't even think I feature on the points logs this year because I've done sooooo few events. Since I'm not in contention for any of the women's rankings, I decided to indulge and run the longer men's course - my favourite anyway. And even more fun is that over the 3.2km (straight-line) distance, there were 32 controls! For comparison, 'normal' would be 16 to 18 controls.

Since the whole fun of orienteering is finding the controls, this course was extra fun! And fast. School terrain is runnable and makes for flat-out running. A superb course too with tons of direction changes that would have had a runner or three making 180-degree errors.

I think my overall placing was fair (I haven't seen the results). My friend Paul did tell me that I beat him, which really is all that counts. His daughter told me that he had a sore ankle... I told her that I've had a cough for two weeks and that I donated blood the day before... It all balances.

Well done to my club mates for a super event and thank you to all the people who came to run.

My run.

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