Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blood donation #36

Donors can donate blood every 52 days and following my donation a few days before xmas, I was due in mid-Feb. I tend not to donate within a few weeks of big races and with the Pelinduna 70km on the cards for early March, I decided to wait. The race was cancelled and I've just been a slacker.

This morning my donor buddy, Darrell, Whatsapp'd a photo of his visit to his local SANBS donor clinic in PE. We're on the same 'schedule' - he has also been a slacker.

His pic was perfect motivation for me to go along this afternoon to my clinic. 

It is always a pleasure to visit. The staff are friendly, our new fancy coffee machine thing makes delicious hot chocolate and the cookies are a winner (cinnamon are my favourite). It's a quick process too. A few mins to do the forms (yes, my blood is safe to donate), check BP and iron. Took seven mins to fill a pint. Then another few mins to chat to the sisters and the girl next to me, finish my juice and cookies. Ba-ba-ba-boom.

I'll only make it to #40 next year... but at least by then end of this year I'll be able to equal and then exceed my age - a pint for each year.

One of the sisters said that the National blood stocks are 0.9 days... they like to have a five-day supply on hand. This is b.a.d! On the positive, I saw two other donors there. I don't always see other people.

As I've said before, don't go to donate unless you intend to become a regular donor - at least three times a year. Once-off donations are a waste of resources, blood and good intentions. You can check the SANBS website for clinics (fixed and mobile). 


Demetrio Möwes said...

My next donation is due 21st of May. But really true about donating regularly hey. Do you know where you can track your amount of donations? I donated three or four times a year while I was studying, from my 2nd year. Can't remember how many in total. I've donated once this year. SANBS comes to our office every two months.

adventurelisa said...

Hey Demetrio - just saw your message now. Doh!
When you go to a donor clinic you can ask them how many you have done. There will be a record on their system.

Alternatively drop SANBS an email or a phone call and they should be able to tell you too.