Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy 19th birthday, my kitty

In May, 19 years ago, a little, scraggly tabby kitten snuggled into my arms and came home with me from the SPCA. We designated 1 April as her birthday as she would have been born in early April, being only a few weeks old when we got her.

I named her "Bracken" after a mole from Duncton Wood, a lovely book written by William Horwood (first in a series of 3 - I think Bracken actually makes an appearance in the second book, Dunction Quest).

This kitty stole my heart from the moment I saw her climbing up her cage at the shelter and she hasn't released it since.

My kitty celebrates her 19th birthday today.

She's in superb health and aside from regular old age afflictions of being a good deal deaf (she can see like an eagle and pick up scents like a bloodhound) and not being able to jump up on things, she's in fine fettle.

As she has aged, she has become more sweet, communicative and affectionate. A far cry from the teenager who wouldn't let herself be picked up and cuddled - not a chance!

I know that I won't have another 19 years with my precious... so every day is treasured and I can only hope to have her with me in good health for as long as possible.

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