Thursday, 10 April 2014

Trails in Motion Film Festival (Night 2)

Tonight I was back at The Bioscope for the second night of the Trails in Motion Film Festival. I'm so glad that I decided to do both nights because I'd have had FOMO either way. Where night one had three shorts and a main feature, tonight we had eight shorts to medium-length films (four films at 3 to 8 minutes and four at >25 mins).

The movies on both nights have had the most lovely profiles on runners - within the story of the film. The films show where these people live, where they run and train regularly, preparing for events, races... By the end you feel like you've made a friend; that you've had the opportunity to get to know them. You're cheering for them through rough, rough patches in races and you get choked up when they cross the finish line - or withdraw.

The scenery of places and races has been just fabulous and the videography in many of the films is spectacular. 

What the runners featured have in common is dedication, commitment, endurance, good planning, a lot of thought and consideration and just a deep passion for running - their way. 

TIMFF, like Banff - and FEAT - is a celebration of the body. Of its ability to tolerate heat, cold and mega distances. Of its ability to get up near-vertical ascents, to descend like a dassie and to move jauntily over mountains, through valleys and across plateaus. For hours. And hours. And hours.

Watching movies like these is inspiring. Whether you have any interest in running 100 miles or not, watching other people doing so puts a spring in your step.

Again the films triggered memories - of running the TransRockies Run staged race in Colorado with another journo, also named Lisa (Go Team Lisa!). The film about the run in Sabah, Borneo reminded me of the week and a bit I spent there for the Mildseven Outdoor Quest back in 2004. I got to summit Mt Kinabalu! There's another event in Sabah, other than the one in the film, where runners ascend and descend Mt Kinabalu in one shot. Lung busting! And this event got me thinking too of the dear friends I made there. And from here my mind goes to other races and places and special people.

The only bad thing about these wonderful events and places that I've had the fortune of visiting is that I've met really wonderful people who live in other countries (the 'bad' aspect being that they live in other countries and not down the road from me). And of the many wonderful people there are the very special few who become fast friends from the moment we set eyes on each other. I've seen some at other events or when I've been travelling and, if possible, I try to pass through their cities en route to visit. Seeing each other can be many years apart but when we see each other it's like we were swinging in our jungle hammocks next to each other only two days ago and not 10 years ago. 

First prize would be having them here to shoot the breeze and to play on weekends. Thank goodness for second prize, regular 'contact' through Facebook! Friends, you're so in my thoughts and heart tonight. I do miss you. 

The TIMFF screenings in Jo'burg tomorrow and Friday nights are fully booked. And that's it for South Africa this year.

If you're reading this from elsewhere, TIMFF may be coming to you. There are screenings in the US (San Fran and New York), Canada (Squamish), Finland (Helsinki) and Spain (Barcelona). You can read more here -

James, thank you for presenting TIMFF. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2015!

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