Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Running with fur-friends

I aim to fetch the huskies for a run on Monday or Friday afternoons, when the domestic assistant is there. For weeks I've been either tied up on Mondays and Fridays or not in town so I haven't seen my fur-friends for too many weeks.

I rarely take them out on Wednesdays because the gardener is there and he takes them; but I've been so missing my furry friends that I asked their dad whether I could swing past today.

What a delight! Of course I took treats along and the husks were delighted to see me.

Husks and heat don't go too well so we took our run easy and I also rested them in the shade and gave them lots of water. When we got back to their home they jumped straight into their shells (those kiddie sandpit things, which are filled with water). The husks are funny creatures because they don't lie in their shells - they just stand and sometimes kick the water around. They also let me splash them.

I find running with the husks to be really calming and so focused on... running. They're good company and I miss them when I don't see them regularly.

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