Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Videos of FEAT talks online

Last week I collected a DVD of videos of the talks from FEAT from my editor, Anel. I was tasked with watching the videos to check for gremlins for final edit. I loaded the DVD and sat down to watch. Little more than 90-minutes later I was done; and delighted - with both the technical aspects of the videos and from enjoyment of watching the talks.

For me, the event itself is a distraction from the talks. There's the amazing vibe from the audience; I get to meet most of the speakers in person for the first time; and my mind is on the running of the event. On stage, I sit side-on to the speakers so I don't get a proper look at their faces and expressions. But when I watch the videos it is without distraction. I'm relaxed, completely focused on the talks and I get to look at the faces of the speakers. I delight in the talks so much more because the watching experience is partnered with personal experience of the night.

Without fail, I hear comments and charming messages in the videos that I totally missed on the night and I laugh at funny comments (again), even though I know they are coming.
In past years I’ve released the videos of talks one-by-one. But, as I had so much fun watching all of them in one go last week, I uploaded every one of the 10 talks plus the highlights/funnies video for everyone to enjoy online in one go too – highly recommended!
You'll find the videos from this FEAT (and all the others) on the FEAT website, or directly on the FEAT YouTube Channel (FEAT Talks).
I totally recommend kicking back for 90-mins or so to watch all of the talks in one go. It's like watching a movie - only better.

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