Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I am entered

It has been way, way too long since I've done a race. No, not a race like the usual orienteering events that I participate in or the rogaining events... but like an ultra-distance run race-type event.

About a week ago the announcement was made about an ultra in the Sabie area for end-January next year. My legs started to twitch in anticipation. Sabie is mountain-y and forest-y and I soooo enjoy that part of the world. That this 80-kilometre route doubles up as the SA Trail Champs is of little interest to me because while I'm steady and consistent when it comes to ultras, I'm definitely not in the league of Landie and Su and Linda and Robyn and Katya and a handful of other really superb female runners who will be running for a place on the team for the World Trail Champs.

Me, I just want to run and run and run and run.

Back in about 1999 the Sabie 32 was one of my first trail races. I had a superb run there. Easy, comfortable and my first 32km distance run.

I was entered for an 80km in March this year. It was postponed to May following the massive flooding we experienced at that time of year. And then it was cancelled outright. I don't think I've run an ultra since... since the 50-odd kilometre stage at the Namib Desert Challenge last year. That's way too long ago.

I've just done my entry for the Ultra Trail Mount Moodie 80km and I'm tapping my feet with excitement. Although my motivation usually ticks over reasonably, there's nothing like the prospect of a tantalizing race to super charge my training.

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