Monday, 16 April 2018

I rode my bike (on the Not-Forest-Run Run route)

I haven't been on my bike for ages! On Saturday afternoon Celliers and I hit the Vaal Eden Road for a zippy ride. Even though the seasons are changing, it is still stunning and green out there with wild grasses and flowers that make the fields and roadside look pretty. It was super to be out there on my bike with Celliers. Been too long!

The route we did is the one that I'll be using for this year's Not-Forest-Run Run. As I'm not hosting the actual Forest Run this year, I settled on a social and casual alternative that allows me to run too. It's a rock-up-and-run setup.

Starting and finishing from the Parys airfield, the route is 27km in distance. It is all on dirt road so the going is easy - except for the distance. You can zone out and enjoy the scenery without having to watch your footing.

Running out Parys parkrun at 08h00 is options.
Run starts from the Parys airfield at 09h00 for 09h30 start.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Here's the route map on Google Maps.

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