Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Treasure Paddle on 26 May 2018 in Parys

OK, so I can't stay away from organising for too long...

For the past few years World Orienteering Day ( has been at the end of May on a Wednesday. This works in Europe where they have lovely long days but as we're heading into the middle of winter we never had much time for activities. This year World Orienteering Day runs over a week, giving us the opportunity to use the weekend.

I'm organising a Paddle-O event on our section of the Vaal River (flatwater) starting and finishing at the Likkewaan Canoe Club Parys on SATURDAY, 26 MAY 2018. Paddle one of the three course distances and then hang around to enjoy a picnic on the lawns afterwards.

If you have something that floats and can be paddled, bring it. We do have some stable sit-on-tops, paddles and PFDs that newcomers can use.

This is a paddle orienteering event that has been 're-branded' 'Treasure Paddle' to make it more friendly and less intimidating for the uninitiated.

Make like a pirate and search for treasure on a flatwater section of the Vaal River. Enjoy riverine scenery and islands as you locate each of the checkpoints marked on your map. Return to the finish after completing your course.

Starts are staggered at intervals with the first paddlers setting off at 11h00. All participants must be off the water by 16h00.

The three course distances are 4km, 10km and 15km (max. distances). All human-powered boats are welcome including sit-on-tops, K1, K2, ww kayaks, SUPs, surfskis, crocs, touring kayaks and fishing kayaks.

No PFD, no paddle.

This event is organised by me and hosted by the Likkewaan Canoe Club in Parys for World Orienteering Day.

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