Sunday, 22 July 2018

A non-work weekend

For the past six months I've done little else but work, run with Rusty and enjoy odd social interactions. This weekend, I have not turned my computer on once to work. It has been a much-needed break.

What did I do instead?

While I would have loved to sleep until 10 on Saturday morning, I was up before the crack of dawn as it was my turn to be Run Director at our Parys parkrun. We've got a really great community here so despite the cold, early morning, it is fun being out there.

Back home I processed results and then found a comfy spot on our stoep to read. I finished the current book (The Roanoke Girls) and started the next (We are completely beside ourselves).

Then Rusty and I went to visit her friends Skally and Rocksy at Otters Haunt, one of our favorite places to run, put our kayaks on to the river and just to hang out. I can totally recommend it as a life-is-simple close-to-joburg getaway. 

Ruben came with me and we enjoyed walking on the island, skipping stones and walking through through the forest. The dogs just love it (us too).

Even though I'd taken Rusty out in the afternoon, after 4pm is her regular run time so I had to take her out for a walkies then too. I babysat my mom's dog so Tansy was with us for the walk around a couple of blocks.

Dins was soup and Asian-style steamed buns and then some comedy watching on Netflix (I'm new to the service and still in the trial month - enjoying the variety so far).

Sunday morning started slow. I headed to my mom's house to bake rusks. Every few weeks I bake a big batch - about 4kg! Better than anything you can buy - and significantly more cost effective. While the rusks were in the oven we popped through to our paddle club to hang with friends who were there to braai and enjoy the warm, sunny day.

Back at my mom's house we got the rusks out and I mended Celliers' pants, put up a hem on mine, caught up with friends on the phone and got the rusks back in on a low heat to dry.

I was back home briefly to change before heading out with Rusty for a run across town. Friends are coming back to Parys next month and I'm helping them find a place to rent. I had to addresses to check out - just from the outside as the tenants won't let me in to look until next weekend (days before they are moving out - really inconsiderate). The one place looks really good.

Back home. Cook, shower and chill. We're having a braai tonight.

I want to sink into my book later and maybe something short on Netflix.
And that's the weekend gone. A good weekend.

I'm up for an exciting week ahead as our seafreight arrives and by the end of the week we'll have three (and maybe more) models of our Vagabond kayaks in production. 

Here's to another week that is full of adventure. Hooray! 

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