Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tumbling at Decorex

My posting frequency is at an all time low, despite me having so much to write about. We're in a flat-out spin here with both YOLO and Vagabond Kayaks - so much excitement, so little time for everything.

I've just had a good week away at Decorex with my YOLO Compost Tumblers. This is now my second time exhibiting at the show and it was even better than last year.

With my mom at our stand.
My mom has now done three shows with me: Decorex last year, Homemakers Expo this year and now Decorex again. She is officially a compost-tumbling-demonstration pro.

We are inundated with orders from Decorex - so this has been a heavy, but delightful week of admin. We've got a production run on the go to get orders out as soon as possible.

In eight sleeps I fly to the USA to exhibit our Vagabond Kayaks at the Paddle Sports Retailer Show in Oklahoma City. I'm looking forward to a good sleep on the plane to recharge for the show. This pre-departure week is chock-a-block.

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