Wednesday, 22 August 2018

A trail piece for Trail magazine

I haven't done much trail writing for magazines for ages and so I was delighted to commit, a few weeks ago, to doing a piece for Trail magazine. Bogged down with work, I only got out this afternoon to take photos and run some trails with Rusty, my friend Karen and her dog (Rusty's friend) Skally.

Despite Deelfontein being on my doorstep (20 min drive from home), I don't get out here often. I really should because it is a gem. I have run and mountain biked here a few times. I do have it on my list to create an orienteering / rogaining map of this superb property. It is blessed with interesting features.

I'll post up magazine write-up when it comes out. For now, some photos from this afternoon.

Me and Rusty

Karen and Skally

Karen watching as Rusty trots towards me (I did ask her to stay with Karen so that I could take a photo...). My sweet dog.

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