Monday, 20 August 2018

Nice from far

I took this photo this evening.

Rusty and I were out, running on some of our regular roads and trails around town. I enjoy looking at this section of river - some great scenes with trees and rocks in the river.

It reminded me of the saying, "Nice from far, far from nice". We're in the midst of an ecological disaster. Our Vaal River has been heavily polluted by sewerage in the past few weeks. Thousands of fish have died, birds have moved away (good for them). I wonder how the river otters and likkewane (iguanas) are doing? And other creatures that can't just fly away.

Our Vaal river looks so pretty but at the moment it really is toxic - to birds, animals, fish and people. There is talk of it taking billions of rands to remedy. This won't happen overnight (or if at all). And the repercussions - on the economy, on nature on the environment...


While litter and the state of the river make me sad and mad, there are lovely things to see about town on my regular runs with Rusty - like this bottle tree. I caught it in lovely light yesterday evening.

And I like to get Rusty to sit on park benches so that I can take photos of her.

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