Sunday, 3 May 2020

Lockdown activity tally

Reflecting on five weeks of lockdown my activity tally looks something like this:

  • 3.5 days spent weeding and gardening.
  • Two weeks spent doing not-very-much where getting out of bed before 10h30 was uncommon
  • 10 very full days spent sewing face masks (part of week 4 and all of week 5).
  • A good six litres of lemon cordial made - this equates to around 60 lemons picked and squeezed
  • Around 16 jars of lemon marmalade made - that's a good 30-40 lemons cleaned, sliced and processed, jars sterilised and bottles handed out.
  • Four audio books completed plus one finished off and another started. That's around 59 hours of listening.
  • Three paper-and-ink reading books completed plus a couple that I started and dumped and a fat one currently in progress.
  • One lap-sized crochet blanket completed for Rusty. Also two slipper versions attempted, and a pair of wristers completed. I made half a beanie, pulled it out and I'm now halfway through another pattern.
  • A bunch of stuff watched on Netflix. My favourites include the limited series 'Unorthodox', the doccie on Bill Gates, and the doccie 'Pandemic'. I've done one season of The Blacklist, six episodes of Messiah, and about six episodes of Bloodline. I got halfway through two movies that I gave up on. I don't recall watching any other movies. 
  • I've spent about two full days on work admin and then big chunks of hours on image editing for Vagabond. It takes me a couple of hours per kayak and I've done 10 plus another 5 other kayaks for another chap. I've got one more of ours to complete and two angler versions, which I'll nail today.
  • A bunch of dog training session with Rusty, based on superb videos by 'Happy Dogs' dog trainer Karis Nafte. Rusty is so smart and I love spending this time with her.
  • A couple of high-intensity circuit training sessions in my garden and some great Ashtanga yoga classes following videos from Lesley Fightmaster on YouTube. Almost daily handstand practice and drills. I've watched dozens of YouTube videos on handstand drills and tips. My handstand is strong and decent but I'm just not getting the sustained hold yet.
  • A couple of afternoon naps - not as many as I planned to take, but a few enjoyable naps nonetheless.
  • I'm almost done with two modules of the Science & Cooking (chemistry) online course through I've wanted to do this course for a couple of years and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
  • A number of grocery shopping outings, two visits to the factory, one visit to the paddling club (alarm going off issues). Two shopping outings in week 5 to our local fabric store for more facemask material. Quite a bit of time spent with my mom before we started sewing.
  • In the first three weeks of lockdown, I spent a lot of time online following coronavirus stats, reading news articles and keeping an eye on social media. I don't do much of this is anymore and I've limited by time on Facebook significantly. Every couple of nights I splurge and watch BGT videos and a dash of stand-up.
  • The usual housework, composting etc.
  • Email answering. My work emails are quiet but I do get some email, which I like to respond to promptly.
  • Whatsapp and Messenger and calls - comms with friends and relations. Certainly more than usual and catch-ups have been fantastic. Quieter on this these later two weeks.
  • A couple of blogs written. I've missed writing in recent years. Writing is easier and more enjoyable when the mind is free. I write all the time - but that's for work. It is nice to write here for me - for my own memories and recollections in years to come.
This time has been good.

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