Sunday, 3 May 2020

When in Rome.

I've never enjoyed getting up in the morning, even if there is a whole lot of excitement in the day ahead. As a child I struggled, as a teen I struggled and things did not change in my adult years. Of course, as I got older I dealt better with always feeling like I'd be hit over the head by a sledgehammer whether I had the misfortune of only getting four hours of sleep or the pleasure of 10.

As a result, if I can avoid waking and getting up before the sun has warmed the earth, I do. My preference is to run in the cooler evening hours in summer an the warm late afternoons of winter. Of course, I do mornings where I have to for events or meet-ups with other people, and I enjoy being out once I'm up.

With lockdown restrictions lifted to Level 4 and exercise permission granted only from 06h00 to 09h00, morning running is my only option. When in Rome.

These near-winter mornings are brisk but very pleasant by the time I'm out of the door just before 8am. And the skies! Sparkling, clear and deep blue.

Rusty, like me, enjoys the comfort of her bed in the morning but the moment I start lacing my running shoes she bounces into action.

Rusty in her basket.

The best view ever. Rosy and Rusty.

My Rusty girl this morning next to the river.
With Parys being a small town, I enjoy shouting hi to friends and parkrunners when I see them out-and-about. What I have seen very little of are children and teenagers! Exercise would do them a lot of good. Maybe they'll get out during this coming week? I think the optimist in me is going to be wrong...
Exercise permitted has been limited to running, walking and cycling. Paddling and other watersports are currently prohibited. Like many other regulations, this makes little sense but it is what it is - for now. The real bugger is that for the past five weeks, the river has been running higher than during most of summer. It has been brilliant this weekend after last week's rains. Oh well.

This easing of lockdown has come just at the right time for me. On Wednesday, my annual pre-birthday 'game' starts and this year it is '44 Days of Running' and my 10th consecutive year of doing this. I'm ready!

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