Thursday, 24 December 2020

Move more often to clear stuff out

 Yeah, I devoured Marie Kondo's 'Tidying Up' series on Netflix. I haven't really got a lot of stuff, but I do have stuff. I'd like to have less stuff. And the stuff that I have should spark joy.

When I moved last year into a small cottage, I got rid of a lot of stuff, especially event-organising stuff. I gave waterpoint decorations to the Parys SPCA shop to sell and passed on usable items to eventing friends. I cleared out kitchen items that I didn't need anymore and passed on clothing that I no longer wore. 

In October, I packed up my cottage for the move to George. Again, I passed on more items that I had not used during the year.

I have lived out of a bag for the past six weeks (with a week-long move for the 6th week), where I lived out of a bag - and I didn't even wear everything in the bag. Work attire here is the same as casual attire - shorts and tees for the most part.

I've had a double-dose of moving with both home and factory. I am stuff fatigued.

I have just moved into the house that I'm renting and after so much moving of boxes, I just want to get rid of everything to live in a clear, open space. Moving is good for clearing. Each time you aim for less boxes. One should move more often - haha.

But, a person needs stuff. I've got minimal crockery and cutlery but I do have enough items and appliances (I love kitchen stuff) to bake and cook and create kitchen magic. I have sports gear. I also have office stuff, which will move to my new office at the factory in Feb/March. I've also got product stock for my Camp and Kayak online store, which will also move to the factory shop in the new year (these things are currently in boxes in my garage).

I have old, boring clothing. 

I need to work on this area. I'm a bit shopping-phobic and I also think spending money on lots of clothing is a waste of money. My wardrobe doesn't have much structure or plan. I need to toss out old and replacing with fun and new. I am keen to jump into the Project 333 (33 items, including shoes, for three months - seasonally) challenge as part of developing a capsule wardrobe that sparks joy. Sports clothing, undies and sleepwear are excluded from this tally. Based on what I usually wear and what I have, I'm going to come in at under 33 items (I don't think I own more than 33 items of regular clothing!).

As I've been going through personal clothing and bits-and-bobs ('komono' - miscellaneous items), I've been assessing items based on whether, as Marie Kondo asks, they spark joy (this is a great, nicely presented YouTube video of a extreme tidying in a day). Over time, some things become just things. Other things are items that are needed and are used regularly because they fulfil a function. I have allowed myself one small box for random sentimental items that I may be happy to throw out in a year or two. 

"We all have problems tidying our homes, but it is not just that. We all have clutter in our hearts, and that is what needs tidying." Marie Kondo.

When my mom and I went to Spain to walk the second half of the classic Camino route, we had only our backpacks. While one can't live in a home with only a backpack, it does show us that all you really need daily - in terms of clothing and toiletries - should be able to fit into a backpack.

I'm not too fussed about wearing the same things - I do it anyway. It would be nice to do it more cleverly and more stylishly (thank you internet for images and guidance).

This house I've just moved into, it doesn't have a single hook for pictures at all. While the rental contract says that nails can be put in with permission but must be removed and the wall fixed when you leave, I really couldn't be bothered. I've walked through the house with the agent and owner as they have pointed out things that must "come off" the previous tenant's deposit. I don't need that in my life.

What I do need is less. I need simple. I need efficient. I need effective. I have no extra time for stuff.

I have hobbies. I have sports and activities. I have work. I have my dog. I have people in my life.

That's enough to keep me busy and to fill my days and soul. 

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