Sunday, 3 January 2021

Exploring new trails

 One of the main reasons that I chose the house that I'm renting for the next year is its location. 

Location, location, location.

I'm a block up and a block across from the start of a trail, that leads up to more trails. Within 10-15 minutes walk, are entrances/exits for trails too. 

The weather here is weird. It can be crystal clear one day and the next is deeply overcast with misty drizzle. Or the morning can be overcast and wet with a completely clear afternoon and evening.

We usually head out around 5pm (or even 6pm) and have another two hours of light with these long days. We sometimes see other people (walkers, runners, mountain bikers). Sometimes not. Yes, I have my yawara stick in hand plus pepper spray in easy access. 

There are still so many trails to be explored that I can probably do a new one everyday for a month and still not cover them all!

I really, really like these flowers.

The path next to the railway line is our closest trail access - five minutes from home (walking).

A small, old dam on the mountain side. We visited it for the first time two days ago.

Some tracks are like this lower down. The higher you go, the trails are single track.

One of my close-to-home trails. This was our first time on this route and the flowers here were so pretty. They are past their prime now.

Rusty loves a view. We love the scent of pine in the forests around George Dam.

Walking with friends visiting the Garden Route for their year-end holiday.

Wilderness beach, before lockdown.

Groenvlei, in Sedgefield, is about a 30-minute drive. Nice trails around here - still a lot to be explored. My old running friend from Jo'burg, Rob, lives in Knysna now. This is a great meet-up location between our towns. 

Paddling with my doggy girl on George Dam, one of our favourite places.

Another pretty route.

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