Friday, 22 April 2011

Non-event weekend away

I'm going away for this long weekend. And it isn't for a race - it's just for fun. Like a h-h-h-holiday.

I've never been much good at holidays and at least since I started university in 1994, my vacations have been very much around sporting events. First, intervarsity and interclub underwater hockey tournaments, and then adventure races, ultra runs and other similar events. I can count the number of non-event getaways I've had on one-and-a-bit hands.

About three years ago I tried to take a five-day holiday. Although I did lots of super road and trail running, I didn't like the place where I was staying (pre-booked and paid in advance); I came home a day early. That was disappointing.

I also rarely go away over Easter or xmas and New Year, preferring the quiet of Jo'burg to busy roads and venues. This weekend I'm in for it all hook, line and sinker. Easter. Busy roads. Busy venue in the Drakensberg...

But, I'll be playing with five orienteering and adventure racing friends in the mountains, which is the lure that got me. I haven't been to this area of the 'Berg for a few years so it is going to be wonderful to run trail after trail. I've got my Salomon Crossmax and Hi-Tec Infinity trail shoes packed - they haven't had much opportunity for testing on good trails so the next few days they'll see lots of action. My friend Ray has lent me his GoPro camera so I'll give it a go making a little video of our runs in the mountains.

I've also packed my yoga mat for some self-practise sessions. I'm now just over two months into my regular (like twice a week regular) yoga practise and tonight in class I took note of some of my advances since I started. I can almost do a seated forward bend with my tummy flat on my thighs (I couldn't two months ago), my hands can just grab on to each other during the seated twists (they couldn't touch before) and my headstand is rocking (I've always been able to do headstands but with less discipline). I can get into headstand with straight legs and just this week I've managed to lower my legs into an L-shaped headstand, tipping my toes on the ground and bringing 'em back up again. Yoga. Mountain scenery. Ja, a good mix.

I've also packed in my acroyoga manual. Friends, your acroyoga initiation is about to begin ;)

One of my camping buddies, Sarah, has packed the boardgame 30 Seconds. I've got a deck of cards (Snap!, Go Fish, Blackjack and Rummy being my favourites). I've also packed some magazines that I've been wanting to read... And my picnic blankie (for a post-run nap) and my camping chair for being a lazy-ass while I read my magazines.

Rain is pretty likely but, as I've heard said, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. I've got my rain goodies packed.

I also think that I'm going to sign up for the beginner kayaking classes (white water plastics). I've never been in one and I fancy learning to eskimo roll. Brrr... water is going to be freezing.

OK, so I'm not much good at sitting around doing nothing, but it is a progression from event-only 'holidays'.

So... I'm outta here in the morning and actually feeling pretty excited about my first proper holiday in a few years ;)


ColinS said...

Sounds like you have life's essentials, not just your holiday's.

expressyourself said...

So was it amazing? the weather here was awful, the first time i got out the house to do anything was some trad climbing at mountain Sanctuary yesterday - which was amazing of course! BUT i suffered severe cabin fever before that, what is wrong with us that we can't just sit on a couch and do nothing!!! i am sure such folk are a whole lot less frustrated?