Wednesday, 31 August 2011

AdventureLisa's AdventureMom

Last night I dropped my mom, Liz, off at the airport for her flight to Madrid, Spain. Here's how she ended up there...

AdventureMom at the airport
In mid-February, while watching the video of talks from FEAT Cape Town, she says to me, "I need an adventure".

So I asked, "What do you want to do?".

"I'd like to do something like Allyson and Marc." They were FEAT speakers and they did a sea-to-summit adventure in Chile.

"Well," I answered, "that was their adventure. How about choosing a place you've always wanted to go to and then we'll look at a creative way for you to get there?"

She has always wanted to go to a Buddhist temple/retreat in Japan so she started looking around online (this was pre-earthquake). Turns out that Japan is pricey to go to and to stay there so it didn't look feasible. That's when she found El Camino, The Way of St James, a pilgrimage walk in Spain. That was it - her heart was set on this.

And so she began walking regularly to build her fitness. I've mentioned this a few times in recent posts as I usually walked with her once a week. So, from March, she's been walking four times a week and for the past six weeks, at least, she walked with her backpack, weighted with bags of mieliemeal.

She has taken seven weeks for this trip; six of these will be for walking. The total distance is around 790 kilometres. She has her official pilgrim's passport so that she can stay in monastries (much more economical) and she can also get cheaper meals at some places.

Her life, for the next seven weeks, fits into a 35-litre backpack. She carried it on to the plane as hand luggage (8.5kg)!

AdventureMom landed safely in Madrid this morning and she then caught a bus to Barcelona. She has got her bus ticket for Pamplona, where she'll stay tonight.

Although I'm totally envious of her adventure, I'm even more absolutely and completely proud of my mom for setting off on this wonderful walking adventure, on her own. She is going to have the most incredible experiences over there.

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