Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Granny square blanket - in progress

Yay! After about three weeks of crocheting granny squares most nights I have completed the tally of squares. In this picture the squares are places, but not yet stitched together. After stitching I've still got to do the multi-row, multi-colour border - it should go pretty swiftly. It's stitching the squares together that takes time. I started on it last night but wasn't happy with the stich I used (single crochet). I think a needle-and-thread whip stitch will work better.

Granny squares are the foundation of crochet and I've found that with the practise of making square after square that I'm getting way faster. This is my first blanket; and, yes, it will be given away to a local organisation. I'm getting pure delight in creating this piece but I don't want to keep it. I'd prefer to spread the colour goodness. Will probably take me at least another two to three weeks to finish this project.

If you're feeling inclined, this is the pattern that I'm following: Blanket Statement by Lucy O'Regan on the Stitch Nation website. I love her colours. The blanket needs 11 different colours, so I had to go with what I could get my hands on in the same yarn.

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