Thursday, 4 August 2011

July yarn colours

I haven't done as much knitting/crochet this past month as I would have liked... but I did make a knitted sleeveless vest for my friend's baby-to-be out of a deliciously silky bamboo yarn, a crochet headband with little flowers for a teenage friend's birthday and I worked on a few flower patterns.

With the little vest - my first time knitting a pattern (hearts in this case) into something. I can handle a one colour change; two colours or more would take more practise (and a lot more motivation!).

I also attempted some fancy stitches for a project I've got cooking in my mind (top and bottom)... It just takes soooo long to figure out the pattern. I've got this odd book that I picked up at a second-hand book store but the explanations are really bad -  a crochet diagram would be much easier. It can take three or four hours to do something like the pink and green bubble gum ball section because I have to pull it out and try again and again and again! The purple one (bottom) was easier to do and I just love the multi-purple/pink shade yarn that my friend Tania gave me for my birthday.

As for the stripey crochet piece... new project. Started it over the weekend and I get in a few rows each night. Mmm... maybe will take me another week or so to finish it. Am loving the colours!

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