Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Would you forsake moisturiser?

I'm reading a regular fiction book at the moment (well, just started and not completely into it - one of my mom's book club books). There's this delightful paragraph near the beginning.

A couple are lying in bed chatting. They like to play question games like "If people were cars, fish, weather, dogs, puddings - what would they be?".

This following one really got me smiling. He said to her:

"If you could have anything. Anything at all in the World. A Porche, a villa in Tuscany and a Lear jet to get to it, an endless wardrobe. Or the power to cure all sickness - cancer, AIDS. Or to end world poverty. But to have that you had to vow never again to to buy or use, in any shape or form, moisturiser. What would you choose?"

Like his wife, I'd be sorely pressed not to hang on to my moisturiser or similar lotion - even for world peace. But, I've figured out a way to work around this... I'd have to use my 'wish' to include transport to a mild and temperate climate, away from Jo'burg. Man, this place eats up your skin! Here the air is so very dry and lotions are a winter essential.

I'm current head-over-heels in love with my friend Jax's Body Balancing Cream. It's an aqueous cream blended with a delicious mix of essential oils. Aside from it being superbly moisturising (it's a body cream, not a face moisturiser but I'm not totally fussy about stuff like this - one lotion fits all when I travel, like this weekend). I cannot get enough of the scent. I can't really pinpoint any one specific scent and overall it isn't floral and it isn't woody - the blend just works beautifully together.

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Mieliefish said...

please send me your postal address would love to post you some of my cream I am making , I make my own cream and it is a hit here since we live in Cape town :) thank you is my email address thankyou