Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Special stage mat for FEAT

Goodness - I can hardly believe that it is one sleep to FEAT. A blink of an eye ago it was three months to go...
About two months ago I painted the mat for the stage. I did something similar for the Jo'burg event last year -  the splash. But as I've simplified the logo I needed to make a new mat. This one is bigger and better.

FEAT Jo'burg 2010 - splash mat
Although it takes a chunk of time to do, it is wonderful fun. Why don't I just get a 'banner' printed instead of spending three-and-a-half days painting?

Well, if I exclude my time, it is cheaper than printing. I also questioned this recently when I had a vinyl 2x1m banner printed for only R600. But, although my vinyl banner is nice, when I compare it to my painted mat - chalk and cheese. The canvas mat with its base coat, two layers of paint and two layers of varnish is so much better. And I made it. I'm into items made with looovvveee - as this one was.

It kinda fits into my current feeling of all the knitting and crochet - making special things for special people; this special mat is for all the special speakers, audience and my team of people who make FEAT happen on the night.

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