Sunday, 30 October 2011

Batteries recharged


  1. Drained of one's physical or mental resources; very tired.
  2. (of resources or reserves) Completely used up.

I've felt drained the past two weeks or so. After a non-stop few months and especially a very busy September and October, I've run out of steam. This weekend was a good one to recharge - little time on computer, lots of time spent reading and napping, a dash of crochet, a four-layer cake baked... perfect.

After last weekend's rogaine, where I felt good on foot and bike, I've been down with a snotty nose, borderline cough and a constant low-grade headache. As a result I haven't done any running this week; just two walks with my mom, which were lovely. This afternoon I went out for a run - just before the beautiful highveld storm hit. Legs felt great, nose/head not so great, but improving.

Then I did a yoga session, which made me feel even better. I came off my bike (a slide more than a fall) and injured my right hand (just soft tissue bruising). I tried a yoga session on Tuesday and only made it through some sun salutations. Downward dog and runny nose is not a great combination - and I couldn't put much weight on my hand. So no handstand practise either. I'm really glad that this is a new week with a clearing cold and healed hand.

It's always amazing how my running is a sign of how I'm feeling. When I'm drained, as I have been, my running takes a dive. And is isn't that I'm physically tired; just emotionally fatigued. Organising events, fighting battles (like this past week's trail running saga), writing reports, catching up with clients... Putting out, sending, posting, giving... after a while it catches up.

So, this weekend was good and I'm feeling more ready than I have for a while to face this new week head on. I'm putting myself on my own Seven Day Challenge, starting Monday. Yes, running every day for the next seven days. Back on the bandwagon.

Some pics of recent projects:

The green-silver-natural hexagons are the beginnings of a baby blanket for my friend's baby-to-be;
a four-layer rainbow cake for lunch with my mom, dad and aunt;
new crochet book arrived on Thursday (with my order of Ranulph Fiennes' new book) -
I made this friendly little caterpillar on Saturday night.

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