Sunday, 16 October 2011

Energizer Night Race: all-girls team relay

Last night the Energizer Night Race absolutely rocked. It was held on Monaghan Farm, near Lanseria - superb venue. It has definite orienteering opportunities... Fabulous to see such a great turnout and excellent increace in participation from last year. We entered in the four-person relay team category, which was the major one last year. This year there were far more solo runners (like over 300!). There's also a mtb relay pair).

I really enjoy the 'dress-up' component of the race - it is fun to be silly - and we went all out with glo sticks, pink wigs and pink tops. There is indeed a prize for best dressed, which they'll announce this week. Fingers crossed ;)

Sarah, Lisa, Isabel and Nadine.
This pic was taken on my phone - I'm sure Erik and Jacques (photographers) got much better shots.
I was our first runner; Sarah second, Isabel third and Nadine bringing us home. The trail was superb - excellent condition - barely any rocks to trip over. Well marked too. My favourite section was the fairy-lights forest. Bronwen, who set it up, said the forest is home to hedgehogs - there are about 200 living and successfully breeding there. The route wasn't an easy one. Long uphill pull, super downhill (I pulled out a good gap on the peeps behind me here - didn't get overtaken bar one guy, after the first 500m), more uphill, a little downhill and the last section across the grassy field to the end was .h.a.r.d. work! I'd put my wig back on a bit too early, thinking I must be almost there (not knowing about the big loop around the bottom of the field) so I was cooking hot by the time I passed the timing chip to Sarah.

Max said the trail was 5.2km. I ran 39-minutes on it and thought I had a fairly smooth run (with a few little walks on the big uphills!). Either I'm getting older and slower or Max was fibbing... Isabel ran with a GPS and logged 6km. She's our fastest runner and she clocked 35 minutes - so I feel a little better. Sarah and Nadine were similar pace to me.

This is a really brilliant family event with runners, bikers, supporters and kiddies spread out on the soft lawns.

We will, for sure, be back for more next year ;)

Getting pimped for the run. From top to bottom: Nadine helping Sarah get her wig on straight; Lisa; Sarah; Isabel; Nadine; Just finished my leg - with Nadine and Isabel (Sarah was out running).
Me, Sarah, Isabel and Nadine (by Jacques Marais)

Glo-stick bracelets (photo by Jacques Marais)

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