Monday, 16 July 2012

Aerial silks

I've been keen to give aerial silks a try for some time. Last weekend at the pole jam the one girl I know said she was putting silks and lira (the hanging hoola hoop thing) into her studio this week and we set up a play date for yesterday afternoon.

What fun we had! My other pole friend came through - she's been teaching silks for a few months.

Well, it is hard work! In some ways it is harder on your hands. A pole is solid and you can grab it tight. Fabric you've really got to squeeze tight to pull yourself up. And, like pole, it is one of those things where you have to learn to balance on the fabric, learn how far you can or can't learn back and many, many techniques for wrapping the fabric to achieve moves.

I learned how to climb and to do a single foot lock and a lean back thing. I also learned to twist myself up from sitting on the silks (tied in a knot - like a swing) and then Michelle got me to do a death-defying forward tumble. Crazy stuff!

I'm looking forward to more ;)

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