Sunday, 22 July 2012

The best I can be today

I finished writing a magazine article on Thursday morning and I was pretty chuffed with my final paragraph. Sometimes they come easy and sometimes it's like sucking a double-thick milkshake through a skinny straw. This one was inspired.

The last two sentences read: "Be the best that you can be on that day (or days) and then in the race after that be the best that you can be again and again and again. Best of all, there really is no limit to being better."

So I'm chatting to my buddy Fred on Skype, really pleased that my article is done. I sent him my paragraph to check out (he's great to bounce articles off) and he replies,

"Some of us just need to let go and love ourselves without trying to be the best of all time. Being the best I can be today - that's perfection."

That it is.

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