Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Off to a slow start

When I got back from Ireland I was in a post-rogaine recovery phase so I wasn't bothered about too much focus on running training because I needed to rest up and say thank you to my body for swallowing '36 Days of Running', two weeks of travelling and then 23 hours on my feet over tough terrain.

When I got back I jumped into work and club and activities and teaching and all my usual activities. Only, I was pooped! The travels, the racing, the running, the go-go-go was really just too much - all on top of each other. I crashed and needed a few nights of sleeping 10-12 hours!

I haven't been running much although I've been playing aerial and circus games, which are totally exhausting but more in the upper body and core than cardio. I've needed this rest and with each run - every few days only - I'm feeling more with it.

The challenge is psychological more than physical. I've needed this break even if I haven't wanted it. Foot-off-the-gas time. It is ok to tick over and not make any 'perceived' headway. In science, negative results are still results and in sport rest is part of training.

I'm running the Ngoje 45km trail run in Eshowe next weekend and am aiming for a good day out in my trip-trap style. I'm definitely not seeing this run as a race. I'll walk when I want to, run when I want to, take some pics and enjoy being out there. I haven't been to this area since Zirk's 180km in early 2000 so I'm looking forward to being down there.

I may feel as of I'm off to a slow start in getting back into my regular running routine but that's actually fine and certainly beneficial long term.

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